Constructed in 1903, the Wheeler Mansion was not only the private residence of the renowned industrialist, John W. Wheeler, but was also once the talk of the town for its architecture and its painstaking craftmanship. In 1910, following John Wheeler’s death, the property was transformed into the rest home for the Ladies of the Order of the Eastern Star. In 1990, it was closed and the property was sold as a private residence with the intention of turning it into a Bed and Breakfast. However, due to several financial setbacks, the property unfortunately went into foreclosure in 2015. Since then, the Mansion’s architectural integrity and interiors have been badly damaged from years of neglect and damages caused by weather and vandalism. 


In June 2020, after discovering the Wheeler Mansion on a ‘Save this House’ style Instagram account and winning the auction, its current owner, Cynthia Butler, relocated to Orange and began the restoration process. Her mission is to return the Wheeler Mansion back to the stately property it once was, and use it to create an artistic environment with a sense of warmth and friendliness that will again, become the centerpiece for the Orange community to enjoy as well as hosting guests from all over the world.   


Given the condition the Mansion is in, in addition to the countless hours of work, a restoration project of this magnitude would incur significant cost. Your contribution would be used towards procuring building supplies, paying contractors as well as furnishing the place. 


We are currently renovating the Garden of the Eastern Star. If you are looking to contribute and leave your mark on this beloved historic property or memorialize the dearly departed in an “In Memory Of” tribute brick, check out the link below for more information!