A Basket of Cod ~ Spooky Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Story #1: A Basket of Cod

The Wheeler Mansion in Orange Massachusetts is rumored to be haunted. The first known death was John W. Wheeler himself and the Mansion was later converted to a rest home for the Ladies of the Order of the Eastern Star, one of the only Masonic Orders to allow women.

As the new owner, I can’t think of a better place to curl up and tell Ghost Stories, local folk lore and other paranormal affairs. This story is for all the Valentine’s Day lovers and its called ‘The Basket of Cod” from the book of a collection of short stories called Spooky Massachusetts as retold by S.E. Schlosser.

Music by Jesse Davidson IG @thebassabides

Bedtime Onesie sponsored by Renfield (not Bill, as stated in the credits)

Read by alt personality Isabella Sinclaire @theisabellasinclaire