CRAZY Paranormal investigation at the Revival Wheeler Mansion. What we got on camera will shock you.

On April 6th 2024 we went to the Revival Wheeler Mansion in Orange Massachusetts to do a paranormal investigation. What a story behind this place. From John Wheeler who built the Mansion and who died inside the Mansion. John and wis wife Elmira were part of a cult spiritual church. And the Ladies of the order of the eastern star who gave up their wealth to live there and to be taken care of until their final days. Enjoy the investigation and as always, keep your spirits high. Portal Spirits Rising.

One of The MOST HAUNTED Mansions in New England! Revival Wheeler Mansion

The Revival Wheeler Mansion episode is 36 minutes of EVIDENCE. At The Revival Wheeler Mansion, we filmed with 5 cameras, for 5 hours, and put the best of the paranormal evidence in this video. There are dozens and dozens of intelligent EVPS..several slow motion shots of spirit wisps, orbs.. a moment where a piece of furniture can be heard being dragged or shook…THIS LOCATION WAS VERY ACTIVE. This is a MUST SEE if you are into paranormal videos. If you like the video, please Subscribe, Like, and Share! We have plenty of content coming and look forward to sharing. The location is a historic former Eastern Star rest home and the current owner is doing amazing things with the property.

The Most HAUNTED HOUSE In New England (SCARY Paranormal Investigation) | Real Ghost Activity

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“We spent the night at the most haunted house in Massachusetts (The Revival Wheeler Mansion) and the spirits DEFINITELY came out to talk to us… this was a terrifying, horrifying night filled with real paranormal activity, some of our scariest moments, spooky ghost stories and creepy spirits! This ghost video and spirit caught on camera will shock you. You’re watching, the PARANORMAL FILES.”

Orange mansion owner starts fundraiser for hedge maze garden

“Our goal is to build a garden that will help attract tourists far and wide, and be a destination for local visitors who have enjoyed the beauty of the mansion for years,” the fundraising page reads.

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